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Adele Browne

Old-timey family style Appalachian folk & fairy tales in the spirit of "make your own fun!" for all ages.

Bizzie Vunderink

A long time ago a short girl told a little story to a small audience. The audience liked the little story and the short girl liked telling it.

Connie Pottle

SOCO Member

Emily Bailey

SOCO Member

Jeri Kladder

SOCO Member

Joyce Geary

Joyce is an eclectic professional storyteller sharing a wide variety of tales with all ages wherever and whenever someone will listen.

Kevin Cordi

"Cordi has made it his crusade to teach the value of a storytelling legacy." — The National Storytelling Network

Lovi-Afi Greene

SOCO Member

Melody Tolle

Puppet Shows and stories for All! I tell folk tales, fables, bible stories and my life stories.

Rev. Joan Van Becelaere

The Rev. Joan Van Becelaere has a background in children’s theatre and loves to offer Dr Seuss stories.

Sally Crandall

Sally Crandall's stories and workshops are designed to tickle your funny bone and stretch your imagination from here to yonder.

Veronica Fenney-Okafor

SOCO Member

Beverly Comer

A wide variety of stories that speak to the heart, tickle the funny bone & spark the imagination.

Bruce Ford

SOCO Member

Craig and Cindi Garrelts

Christmas-oriented stories (both real & fiction) includes Santa’s connection to the real St. Nicholas.

Erin O'Neil

Erin is an engaging storyteller and supportive personal narrative coach.

Jim Flanagan

Jim Flanagan is an award-winning author and storyteller. He is known for his character education stories and ghost tales.

Judy A. Clapper

SOCO Member

Kristy Blazer

SOCO Member

Lynette Ford

"Home-Fried Tales" for all ages: Affrilachian storytelling--rooted in Lyn's multicultural family traditions.

Michelle Cornell

Michelle Cornell discovered the power of storytelling while working as a drama teacher.

Rick McCracken-Bennett

SOCO Member

Teri Lott

Teri, a retired educator, feels fortunate to share her love of stories with the young and the young of heart.

Watoto Storytellers

SOCO Member

Bill Myers

There can be no successful story tellers without an audience, so that is my role.

Cathy Jo Smith

Irish and Irish-American history, stories and songs, tales and Irish Wake presentation (nothing serious; just a "going away" party!)

David Corbett

SOCO Member

Frank McGarvey

In addition to storytelling, he reads to kids trying to instill in them a love of reading to stimulate their imagination.

Joanie Calem

Joanie Calem is a singer/songwriter, storyteller and inclusion advocate.

Julie O'Keefe McGhee

I'm a teller, a writer and collector of tales both old and new for all ages.

Larry E. Staats

Currently I do old time Appalachian stories, percussive dance, & Instruments.

Melanie D. Pratt

I am an eclectic teller who loves to tell tales from the Celtic nations (Scotland, Ireland, and Wales especially).

Rebecca Coleman

SOCO President

Roy Nichols

Known as Dr. Iron Beard and (seasonally) Santa Nick.

Thom Brackett

SOCO Member

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