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S.C. Coleman-Roush

Lancaster, OH, USA

Stephen Coleman-Roush has written stories since a child. Among many published works, he has a long list of accomplishments outside of writings. Serving honorably for a total of seven years in the U. S. Marine Corps, Stephen also retains fluency in multiple languages, including Spanish and Portuguese. Growing up in Ohio, Stephen Coleman-Roush always wished to explore the world, and has traveled to many places, but writing stories has always been his main passion. Published mainly under S. C. Coleman, among his most successful works is a fantasy and historical fiction series; including, The Glass Empires, The Age of the Third Arcon, Populla's Shadow, and the Dawn of the Sun Panther. S. C. Coleman has also published popular non-fiction titles; like The Mob, the Monk, and the Marquis, the Beaver Bandit, the Pied Piper and the Marionette, and others.

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