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In the summer, some children’s literacy skills decline.  This is especially true for poorer children.  The storytellers of Storytellers of Central Ohio (SOCO) saw a need and decided to take action by forming the CSA.  Our objective is to provide support for literacy skills to fill this gap in the summer with our programs of storytelling and its corresponding activities.


The CSA seeks to cooperate with church, homeless centers and other sites to use storytelling to improve the children’s abilities by using a three-fold approach:

  1. Storytellers come to the sites, tell stories to the children. (Motivation)

  2. The storytellers may give workshops on storytelling and literacy skills if requested. (Education)

  3. The tellers give free books to the children at the centers. The books may be distributed at all or only one telling. (Entertainment)


The CSA program would bring the tellers’ abilities together for one objective, to benefit the children.


For more information, contact

Julie McGhee


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