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Pam Chase

Hilliard, OH, USA


Pam started doing an annual puppet show for her children's school book fair. Then was asked to do shows throughout the county's library system. About 25 years ago went on a camping trip to Grand Canyon with a group of United Methodists from several different states. One of the participants was a United Methodist minister who was also the Principal Storyteller of the Shawnee Nation United Remnant Band. His tales around the campfire spoke to my spirit and I became hooked on storytelling.
Having worked in Christian Education most of her adult life, stories have been a part of my teaching, sharing and worship.
Pam loves to tell stories and to listen to them. She believe they are one of the most effective teaching tools. Although she likes all kinds of tales , her favorites are the ones that teach a moral or ethical lesson. She enjoys telling to all ages.

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