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Brandon Lawson

Greenville, OH 45331, USA


Brandon is a Business & Life Strategist, as well as, a Professional Speaker and Show Host. He loves to share stories to illustrate, intrigue, and invoke. Moreover, he enjoys storytelling because he realizes that stories entertain and they impact people. But; even more than that - they are memorable! People rarely retain facts or statistics; but, "stories stick"! Having spoken at schools, churches, and nursing homes to name a few; he loves to share and teach, to listen to and learn from others.

Brandon's passion is to connect with people and to impact the world; both, his and that of those around him. For that reason he founded Connect and Impact. He oversees his company, yet, loves to make time for others; for this is how he's energized and it fuels his zest for life. Brandon is a very passionate individual who loves to bless people and finds most of his opportunities to do this are with, and for, the elderly. Many of the elderly have come to know him as family.

You can listen to Brandon or watch him "live" every Thursday at 12 PM (Eastern), on W4CY Radio and Talk 4TV as he hosts, Insights 2 Incite. Or, you can find his podcasts (recordings of his show) wherever you access your podcasts; just search for: Insights 2 Incite.

You would like to know more, reach out to Brandon through email, at:
Visit his website, at:

Brandon would love to speak with you, to you, and for you. Reach out to him, today.

As Brandon likes to say:
Let's, together, Connect and Impact our world!

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